Green boughs dip in the humid daylight

Animals scuttle in the dew-drenched grass

Sunlit flowers turn their faces to the warmth

Steady and taller, bees turn to their nectar


The air is heavy, it is hard to breathe

But the sky is trembling with deep blues

Clouds bring the breezes, journeying

To dissipate and renew at the ocean’s arms


I turn towards the trees, entering the shade

Mushrooms grow sturdy in the rotting trunks

Birds twitter in the canopy’s caresses

High into the sunshine, warning, calling


The water drifts ahead, a cascade of life

Plinking on rocks, rolling by branches

Its own meandering to the sea’s edge

Is a lifetime of streams, creeks, and rivers


I sit with the trees, the flowers, the birds

Snails and squirrels carry on the works of survival

My survival is in the air, the water, the earth

I turn to return, refreshed and humbled


© 2018 Valerie Hathaway


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