Fae woman, charmed in her hips

Swept her dirty feet around the fire.

Earth woman sighed as another email

Blasted itself on the computer screen.


Fae woman holds a bowl to her brow,

Blessing the spirits that reside within.

Earth woman picks up the black phone,

Listening to more anger, pride, and venom.


Fae woman puts the potion on the fire,

Feeling the flames rise into her body.

Earth woman drinks another cup of coffee,

Trying to keep her brain functioning.


The skies crack and the world is spilling,

Water falls all over parched ground.

Both women cry and fall down,

Embraced by a force well beyond them.


Earth woman wakes up to the fire,

Relieved and thankful even in fear.

Fae woman gets up and grabs her purse,

Flipping the finger as she walks out the door.


© 2018 Valerie Hathaway



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