To The Great Gods

To the great gods and the Universe:

Humor us for our little woes.

Give patience to our little souls,

Travelling as spirit comes and goes.


Be clear for the water we drink;

Be nourishing as we pull our roots.

In pain and silence light a candle,

Guiding the sun for leaves and shoots.


Do we ever listen to your blessings?

Do we stay still for the tiniest breath?

Do we forget for lights and metal,

Our lives captured only in death?


Listen to the winds, to the chatter

Of all beings, because they matter.

Hold a tree in your heart, a flower in your soul,

A rock for your feet, in your ways we go.


We sleep for a night, or for a lifetime

We awake to the dark, or not at all

We find the fire, the rain, the water

And like ashes we perish, new food for the soil.


© 2018 Valerie Hathaway

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