It’s not a thing to be realized anymore

I am caught up in stasis, not moving forward

I have cotton candy in my brain, tiny holes

In the sugar fibers letting my thoughts in


I’ve driven in the snow, the ice, the rain

Washed out rivers and riptides in the sea

I’ve been drowned, hit, kicked upon

And yet I’ve been held open in the water


I was a mermaid, a whale, a hagfish

I was part of the deep raised to the surface

Now I am a collection in a museum

Placed behind glass, sterile yet breathing


My brain was dissolved into light

But my bones are for all to see

Look at how big I am, people

How majestic I would have been


I roll onto the elevator, inhaling

Stale urine and cigarette smoke

I go to my cell block apartments

And stare out the window, seeing nothing


© 2018 Valerie Hathaway




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