Where are the flowers? They are all gone

They dried and died, turned to haunted husks

And dropping petals on the floor

You loved their blossoms, yet you mourn

As you shove them into the trashcan


Where is the money? It is all gone

Into makeup, suits and heels

You put on a blouse, earrings, hose

You think you’re too fat, need a diet

And you still have to pay the bills


Where is your body? It is all gone

You blend in with all the suits

Invisible in the elevator, that floor

You sink into the desk, answer emails

You are only a brain on two heels


Where is your life? It is all gone

You plea, saying I didn’t do anything

But the cancer in your eggs said you did

You ignored the signs, you were too damn busy

And now that you’re done, you’re done


© 2018 Valerie Hathaway


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