You let your blood spill into the wind

It splatters on your crisp green shirt

You don’t care, and keep screaming

Into the hollow, violent void of the storm


There once was a word to describe you

But you have transcended the craziness

Turning broken twigs and limbs into art

Never explaining, just a dribble of a smile


There once was a phrase, a key, a note

Sound and letters to form a tangled thought

None of that matters now; it broke apart

In a tornado where it was tossed and smashed


You lost your mind, and you lost your way

Peaches, they say, come home to us

Come to our fluorescent halls and hard beds

We will put the whirlwind back in your head


But they don’t know about the cuts or the belts

They don’t know the thunderstorm in your chest

Pills are an illusion, and talk is a waste of air

You stand alone, lean forward, and be blown away


© 2018 Valerie Hathaway

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