A Goldfish Feeling

My mind is a cloudy fishbowl.

Emotions jump in and out

Like goldfish, gasping for air.


We break the lines into marks.

Show this, but not that.

You can only do so much.


Then you drop into the unknown;

A gooey, shaky, frightened mass

Breathing in an alien atmosphere.


Do you die, or do you return?

Benevolence scoops you–

And look, a clean new bowl!


You are comfortable in your bubble.

The landmarks are still there.

As you peruse your surroundings


You see teeth above you.

A long piece of bleached wood

And now is a place to hide.


Be happy, little goldfish

With moving and surviving

This horrific, yet constant world.


© 2018 Valerie Hathaway





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