I flip through pages and sort through files

Looking at dewdrops here

And shadows over there

The re-greening of trees

And the hushed drift of snow

Many happy years

Many tearful years

Years of being afraid

Years of being unwanted

Resting on angels’ shoulders

When there was nothing left

Walking into a new world

Brighter days and soft nights

Patterns and words and stains

From coffee and chocolate

Realizing my many mistakes

And compassion for my wounded soul


The books closed, and the files saved

I ponder through my journeyed years

I close my eyes and conceive ideas

Bulbs planted to bloom in season

My life is in a rubber band

Stretching and released

Stretching and released

Another cup of coffee

And another word springs forth

I glide to the center of grace

And more pages are revealed


© 2018 Valerie Hathaway


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