The Unseen Revolution

Are we strong in our conviction

To withstand our eviction

From what keeps us entitled

To whatever isn’t vital?

Are we willing to give our all

Even if we’re bound to fall

And rise and stumble repeatedly

For the sake of an unseeded tree?

Are we steadfast in resolution

To incur an unseen revolution

Where we raise our children high

To battle when we are nigh?

Only the heart knows and the soul bleeds

To cover our strife and daily needs,

Yet we bleat and breathe of freedom

To those who lack or need some.

Let us look to the deep within.

Let the ones who are without sin

Throw the stones that they see fit,

Knowing we will be under it

And buried in mistakes and regrets

Do we sigh and sadly say, “Not yet.”


© 2018 Valerie Hathaway

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