A New Form

A new form is the old form

Buried beyond our own skin.

Taking what we know and throwing

It away to pursue not knowing.

Looking outside of us to gain

Insight of what is within us.

For how do we know anyhow?

We only learn, and learn,

And learn again for another time.

Do we ever reach the peak

Only to find another well?

The new song is the same song

Sung millions of times in the caves.

The new wisdom has been around

Since the age of humankind,

And maybe even longer than that.

Survive, multiply, repeat, and die.

Only our neurotransmitters

Can imagine peace, speak in silence.

Only our synapses

Can conjure hate, greed, domination.

We are forever ignorant

Of the elegant clockwork

Of random interactions

As we eat another sound bite

And turn sanity into stupor.

We return to the hominids

And await a new answer,

Shiny and just born

Out of the womb of the same question.


© 2018 Valerie Hathaway

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