Winter Pondering

With lights upon the tree

And cheer we shine and sing.

Now gold has turned to gray

When the rest of winter brings

Blankets of angel feathers

And wind that whistles brisk

We sigh into our blankets

And reflect, regret, and miss.

Birds stay warm on wires

And chirp in the icy gale.

We make goals with purpose

And most of them we fail.

But stay steadfast in the warmth

Of fire and friendship tide

And listen to the old sage:

What comes out is what’s inside.

Take time for books and lotion.

Take time for love and dancing.

Take time to lay in bubbles.

Take time to sooth and dream.

For spring will follow with rain,

And tulips, haste and mirth.

Now is to wrap up in repose

And gently wonder in earth’s rebirth.


©2018 Valerie Hathaway

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