I have been held back,

Tied down to life’s mast

As the world rocks forward,

Lurching in an unknown sea.

I can only stare at the heavens,

The universe sparkling in

Clouds of deceased stars

And vast voids of space.

I am a prize and a prisoner;

My life has been hijacked

By pirates of depression and pain.

I continue to look at the light,

But I’m queasy and weak from the waves.

Tiny traces of hope glimmer,

And fighting with every stifling breath

I endure taking the ropes apart.

Fiber by fiber, thread by thread,

I untangle and set them free.

In time–and I hope it’s soon–

The cords will uncoil

And I will soar away to Paradise.


© 2017 Valerie Hathaway



A berry ripened on the vine.

Raised by failing sunlight,

Awaiting death and rebirth.

We descend into the belly

And in the lowest moments

Come out into dung upon the ground.

Our bottom is our salvation.

The knowledge is our survival.

We look up for the stars that made us.

We dwell in caves of excrement,

Hoping for the water to bury us.

White lights and lies are forgotten;

Only the terminal truth remains.

Yet we regrow and become wiser,

New vines and leaves arise,

And the flowers and berries

Come forth with new life.


© 2017 Valerie Hathaway