A Winter Shade of Wheat

A winter shade of wheat

Bobbles from wind’s heavy breath.

Roots from acorns buried

Push and ply their ways

In rich, cold, and busy soil.

There is little comfort outside;

One must go within for solace.

Cats find the registers and radiators,

Curling up in dry, forced heat.

Our noses are drier

Yet our skin is cracked and parched.

Time for a book and a cup of relief,

Or a movie where the world explodes.

We seek shelter near fireplaces

And in groups of fellow languished souls,

Bundled in layers of sweat and freeze.

Kindness turns to frost,

And generosity halts at the spigot.

We must extend ourselves even if contracting

Seems to feel like a better option.

The grain flutters as snowflakes,

Brown butterflies in a whitened field.

We must celebrate even when things perish,

Because the globe will spin and

It will be all over again soon.

Holding our scarves and necks straight,

We stride through the pummeling cold

To reach our next destination;

Warmth and gratitude

Waits to receive us at the end.


© 2017 Valerie Hathaway








Even with sunbeams at

The end of their journey,

The winds arise with fear

As the turbulent clouds arise

And shutter the happiness


Doubt flashes as lightning.

As the pain spins and builds.

Thunder rumbles its self-talk

As accusations fill the air

And hail pummels your self-esteem.


As the tornado engulfs you

Your friends, family, spouse

Children, love, and purpose

Are spewed out of the whirlwind

And dumped on infertile soil.


Finally, you are limp and spent

Tears are flowing rivers of hurt

And the flood takes you apart

Pieces of you flowing to the ground

Until you grow once again


© 2017 Valerie Hathaway