Body Positivity

Your breasts are honeydew.

Your stomach doesn’t

Overwhelm your waist.

Your hips are a cello.

Your thighs are a statue,

An honor to your curvy calves.

Your face holds makeup

As a confidant.

Your hair is shiny and full.


That is what is shown.

It shows what it should be.


My skin screams at foundation

As a mortal enemy,

Itchy and redder than an apple.

My cheeks are for a bloodhound,

Not a greyhound.

My abs cannot hold

The onslaught of my middle.

I have apples for a bust.


I do not fit even in this world.

It does not include me,

Only a reminder of what I’m

Supposed to appear.


I don’t think there’s

A magazine for people like me.

Maybe I should make one;

For sensitive-skin, roly-poly

Flabs, graying hair and

Turkey-bone legs.

Find what fits over

An immense girdle,

Not matter how much

Exercise I can’t do

Because of pain.


And I shall say, “That’s Me.”


© 2017 Valerie Hathaway



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