Purple Cat

(A poem I wrote for my English class)


I read a story about a black kitten

Dyed so deeply purple

That it penetrated his skin

And he will be purple for a long time.

He was also chewed on by a dog,

Carrying wounds as reminders

Of cruelty and neglect.


I thought about being bullied,

As I  suffered  most of my childhood

Being taunted and made fun of.

The abusers followed me throughout the school,

Until I found barely used places

To hide and dream of more pleasant things.

I was cut through the skin by bullying,

Abuse dyeing me as weird and a freak.


The cat and I share scars

And while I’m not dyed purple

Like him I carry the damage under my skin.

We were both scared and alone.

The cat was rescued and under care

And I have medication and therapy.

We both work to be more than our scars,

More than our purple skin.


© 2017 Valerie Hathaway