The Psych Ward

The room was enormous

Walk past the nurse’s station

They were doing paperwork

In a far corner was a TV and couch

There were a few people watching

The rest were wandering or in bed

Resting or crying out their pain

Someone would talk and never stop

There is a Code Violet on the other side

Where they keep the violent cases

A nurse runs over to help the overwhelmed

Staff there, I hear some yelling

I walk back to my room

My roommate is asleep and snoring

Another night of no rest

Another day of waning hope

I cannot see this doctor

He pegs me and gives me the wrong med

I suffer through the week

Because of his smug misdiagnosis

I will not come back here again

Not if I don’t have to

I want to live again and be free


© 2017 Valerie Hathaway

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