Post 150

I’ve made it this far.

149 posts and some interesting deep dives, shallow paddling, and just getting wet.

My apologies to the Facebook viewers who were poem-bombed while I was adding tags to my older writings. I forgot that I set this up so it would automatically post to Facebook. I don’t know, maybe there was some poems worth reading.

Now as I turn this corner, a reawakening will be occurring. I’m going back to school (kind of, it’s online so far)  to work on a degree in Creative Writing. My first class is poetry, ironically. I’ll be hiding in my home office, trying out more words and will hopefully get a decent grade.

But for now it’s late afternoon, my work on the site is done. One cat is butting her head against my elbow. The other has taken her napping position on the couch. My husband is asleep as well. So other than the occasional meow, all is quiet.

Time to relax and let the imagination wander as it may.


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