(Originally published in Creekside Magazine, April 2017)


What is change?

It can be traumatic or pleasant.

You can find love or lose it.

You get a job or be let go from one.

You can be surprised or disappointed.

Lots of circumstances, planned or not.

Change is inevitable

Or else the tide would keep coming in

And we all would drown.


Change is the seen and unseen,

The known and the unknown.

It could be brutal or beautiful,

Hard and cold or easy and soft.

Whatever or however it happens,

The inside is turned outwards.

The reaction is sharp or relentless.


What we see is the difference

Between what was and what is.

Our eyes are reopened

From the sleepiness of the past.

A new restlessness stirs within us.

We arise and accomplish things,

Set things in order, make the path straight.


We move forward from the tragedy,

Enjoy the laughter and the smiles.

Our journey calls us to meet and part again,

Taking steps to the unimaginable.

Angels beckon to follow them

Into the mystery, the celebration of life itself.


So change cannot be ignored.

It sits on the tip of the nose

And offers not a shred of relief.

It can pass and it must pass,

Guiding our decisions be for good or ill.

We become the vessel holders,

The keepers of the eternal secrets

Until they are secrets no more.


We stand with our souls hanging out,

Wanting to turn away or press ahead.

Change plucks on the heartstrings

And plays the tune called existence.

We exist to be instruments

Of peace and love and understanding.

No matter what matters fall upon us

The Piper plays his melody of compassion

And we dance along.


© 2017 Valerie Hathaway




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