Fishing for Thoughts

Wandering and wishing

For better weather

I spot a man fishing

With his son together.


I’m not getting very far

My ideas are not flowing

Work seems to have marred

My imagination’s growing.


The line is cast, the bait sails

As it strikes the water down.

Waiting for what entails

From hungry fish unknown.


I’m numb through this haze

I don’t know what I’ve said

My brain is hurting ablaze

And the pressure fills my head.


At last a strike! They cry

As hands fly on the reel.

A sizable fish, on the other hand,

Has its fate soon sealed.


I can’t go much further

My ideas are useless.

Like the flopping fish murdered

It’s been reduced to this.


Man and boy hurry home

Set with fish for dinner.

I sit down with beaten bones

And fish my thoughts for a glimmer.



© 2017 Valerie Hathaway

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