The Chipmunk and The Dog Biscuit

It was a refreshing summer day. People meandered all over the park, taking pictures of themselves or loved ones. As per our routine, my husband and I photographed the local animals.


One of them was a daring little chipmunk.


Somebody left a large dog biscuit for the Border collie who chased the geese away. It was as long as a chipmunk and probably weighed close to one. The chipmunk figured it was enough to feed a family and started to take off with it, dragging it along by its tiny teeth.


Now there was a water feature to cross. It was a small creek that ran between two boulders. The fearless bandit decided to jump across with the dog biscuit in tow.


I was too far away to get a good picture, but nonetheless saw the inevitable: both chipmunk and dog biscuit fell into the water with a loud “Plop!” followed by a small spray of water.


I don’t know if the chipmunk got any further in its travels with the dog biscuit. What a herculean task for such a small creature. It never felt like it was impossible, though definitely difficult. Failure was not even considered.

It had to be done.


Dear little soul,

You knew your mission.

You followed it to the end,

Whatever it might have been.


Taking a challenge as big as yourself,

You struggled and muscled it

Reaching the edge.


By instinct or by habit

You leapt across the chasm

Taking your prize with you.

Alas! It was all too much.


With a splash you both fell

Into the tiny rivulet below,

Dampened but undeterred.


Intrepid chipmunk,

Carrying the weight of a feast

We will think of you

When life is burdensome.


@2017 Valerie Hathaway

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