Feeling Down

I’m feeling down today.

Water is pouring inside

Of me, thrashing into

Whirlpools of sadness.

My voice is quiet today.

My fingers move, yet

There lingers the doubts

Inside my mind.

I feel alone and unwanted,

Even though it’s not true.

I silently plead for forgiveness

Even though it’s not needed.

I cry for the lost me

But no tears form on my face.

My journey takes a detour

Into a desolate desert.

I fall into the sand,

Buried by relentless winds.

Trapped yet straining

For freedom and life,

I struggle with this beast.

Stinging my eyes and

Clogging my mouth,

I wrestle with the darkness.

With the last of my will

I move forward, step

By brutal step.

Drowning in sadness,

I inch each move ahead

Until dawn breaks again

And I can see the sunlight.


©2017 Valerie Hathaway

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