The Seasons

Leaves push and unfurl

Bringing out little sparks of green

Birds return and squirrels awake

Looking for the last remnants of food

It is time to stretch out

Shake off the last dustings of sleep

And begin this life anew


Leaves flutter in a warm breeze

Babies pop up everywhere

Parents must feed, shelter, protect

Pushing their young to adulthood

It is time to nurture our youth

Through school and out-of-school

Keeping life afloat in the heat


Leaves submit to turning red and yellow

The sap starts to return to the roots

Adults take their leave and fly away

As a crisp chill fills the air

It is time to bring in the harvest

Counting our blessings in harmony

Preparing for the future together


Leaves are brown and on the ground

Breaking apart to become food in the soil

Covered in snow and freezing rain

They lay dormant and drifting

It is time to renew our souls

To the darkness and the cold

To think of what this life means


From budding to falling,

From green to brown,

From life to death

We merge with the seasons

Learning their lessons

Until we are born anew


© 2017 Valerie Hathaway


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