What About Me

You sit for the sermon on Sunday

You look so calm and Divine

You sing, the voice of the faithful

And listen at the appropriate time


But what about me?

I’m sitting in this pew

I look nothing like you

But I’m a child of God too

I need someone to hug me

And let me know I’m alive

But it can so very lonely

So all I do is survive

What about me?


You drive to work on Monday

Your car is so clean and neat

You listen to your favorite music

As you roll on down the street


But what about me?

I look so frail and old

As I shiver in the cold

Feel the wind into my soul

I could use a ride now

And any car will do

Maybe someone as good as you

Would help to get me through

What about me?


You’re home from work on Friday

It’s time to chill out and relax

You see the commercials again

And forward through them fast


But what about me?

I know I’m not right in the head

I feel I’m better off as dead

But I keep choosing life instead

I need a person to talk to

Who will hear my tales at heart

And take me to a new start

Instead of falling all apart

What about me?


It’s impossible to sail clear through

Without someone wanting you

To volunteer and work things through

And see this world become anew


So what about me?

Can you spare me some time

To make my heart light shine

So this life is more than fine

I need you to help me

Face the reality with grace

And fill all this empty space

With a smile upon my face

What about me?


© 2017 Valerie Hathaway

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