Life II

Why is everything part of suffering?

Why is it important to starve and be tormented?

Sometimes the simplest, smallest things

Have the whole of living in their features.

A newborn’s face is not a murder,

A lick of a dog’s tongue not a horrific crime.

We surround ourselves with stretchy bubbles,

Letting the terrible in but not out.

Have we forgotten the world in peace?

Have we subsumed the world in fear?

Close your eyes and feel the sun,

The rain, the clouds, the breeze.

Is this not part of life as well?

Is not the budding of leaves

As much as the shedding of them?

Do not forsake the joyful

As payment and punishment.

Breathe deep and exhale,

The heavens belong to you too.


© 2017 Valerie Hathaway

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