Alone and Strange

Fragile yet fun

I plunged into the creek

Walking downstream

With the water

Finding no treasure but folly


I am yelled at and taunted

By the kids at school

I am not like them

I am weird


I play with my toys

Having talks with them

Not as abusive

As I had received


So-called friends

Take advantage of me

Trading and stealing things

I just want their attention


My parents don’t care

As long as I make good grades

And don’t get in trouble

They continue their fighting


Hiding in a corner

I let loose my imagination

Away from the bullies

Away from the fighting


I walk alone

Not taking the bus

It can be miles away

I wear out my shoes


I am teased and harassed

I put up with it

No one will save me

Not even the teachers


Alone and strange


© 2017 Valerie Hathaway

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