Despair Depression Doom


Despair is a flinty word.

It drills through the heartstrings,

Snapping them without thought.

It makes short work of the heart

But stops at the wood of the spirit

So it changes bits

And becomes depression.

It continues to bore through.

Sapping one of strength

And letting lose bits of dismay,

It reaches the foundation of the soul

And can continue no further

So it changes to the diamond tip

OF doom.

It digs through deep pain,

And only death, sweet death,

Will stop it.

It leaves a hate-shaped hole,

Where the acid of apathy

And the bitter ink of injustice

Leak through and corrode.


©2017 Valerie Hathaway

One thought on “Despair Depression Doom

  1. Valerie, Most impressive! You know the language of the human heart!! I like your other poems too, like the nursing home geriatric activist. Keep up the good work, Dr. Steve McC


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