Icewater drips

From the untracked granite

Onto the muddy ground

My shoes have holes

And the water seeps through

Making my feet heavy

As I stagger down the path


What was creativity is now extinguished

And what was iron will is rusting away

And they seethe and fall apart

On this trail that I must cross

I stagger on, I have no choice


Hearts from the venerable explode

And fall to the forest floor

Wrapped in leaves and forgotten

I step carefully, unless the blood

seeps through to my socks

And taints my tattered clothes


Anxiety juts up from the earth

Like a jagged spear into my world

The edges cut my shoes, socks, and skin

I stumble along the path

Yet I must keep going


To the river where I face my death

I slowly sink into the waters

And drown

© 2016 Valerie Hathaway

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