The Proud Tree

In no corner soon
Stands the Christmas tree
It peaks out in the open
And rises to all that greet her

Jingling and clinking her jewels
She laughs softly, hiding no shame
In her branches and trunk
She holds upright her pride

For it is just a folly
But it means everything to her
Aglow in color or white
She shines to warm the cold ones

Soon she will bow down
Dried up and old
But for now she sparkles
In various ornaments

Happy to be adorned and free


© 2016 Valerie Hathaway

The Fall of Fall

Winter-covered gray

Takes one last dip into

Autumn’s palette

Swirling orange and red

Onto the landscape

Closer to the edge

Of seasons combining

Once again into the world

While snow erases the colors

Into shiny whiteness

Unafraid and closely feared

The cold nips the bones

And freezes the senses

To it’s silent echo

It is almost here

© 2016 Valerie Hathaway


Icewater drips

From the untracked granite

Onto the muddy ground

My shoes have holes

And the water seeps through

Making my feet heavy

As I stagger down the path


What was creativity is now extinguished

And what was iron will is rusting away

And they seethe and fall apart

On this trail that I must cross

I stagger on, I have no choice


Hearts from the venerable explode

And fall to the forest floor

Wrapped in leaves and forgotten

I step carefully, unless the blood

seeps through to my socks

And taints my tattered clothes


Anxiety juts up from the earth

Like a jagged spear into my world

The edges cut my shoes, socks, and skin

I stumble along the path

Yet I must keep going


To the river where I face my death

I slowly sink into the waters

And drown

© 2016 Valerie Hathaway