Winter Slumber

Winter slumber brings gentle repose

Crazy quilts of white snow

Brown bare branches reach to the sky

Clouds of white to muddy slate


Hushed echoes of traffic and birds

Fluffed up to try and stay warm

Dampened by the blankets of white

And cold, cold, freezing air


The sun arrives and the snow shines

Blindly sparkling crystal white

I close my eyes and breathe the air

Spiking my lungs as it flows down


My feet crunch the snow underneath

More will fall soon, drifting, floating

The cold pierces my skin into my bones

I shudder like the birds, but no feathers to fluff


Winter calls like a quiet whisper

Sleep now in my quilts of white

Refresh yourself in sprouts of dreams

Ready to reveal yourself in spring


© 2016 Valerie Hathaway

2 thoughts on “Winter Slumber

  1. Most times when I read online amateur poetry its heavy on the sentimental. Your poetry soars above the unabashedly bathetic. Your poem “Winter Slumber” is one of beautiful images , and raw honest and quite sophisticated with your thoughts, choice of words.


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