Stuck 2

Incubating mighty words in the crevices of my brain

Inspirations sleep in fitful slumber

Ideas not creeping but frozen

Awaiting for the magic to begin again


Spirits fly on uncertain wings

Sending prayers to heaven still untold

Appearing in dreams not remembered

But cased in the body as reaction


Everything calls for being unstuck

Words, dreams, ideas, images

Yet the heart refuses to move forward

Instilling that more healing is required


Nesting peacefully in a corner of my mind

A vision waits for soulful confirmation

To press onward, yet the answers

Keep coming back, “wait”


Dreams cannot be forced, they must be nurtured

In tender love and trusted patience

Until they flower like fragrant roses

Blooming in awe for all to see


© 2016 Valerie Hathaway

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