Guardian Angel

Shadowed and hallowed you come to me
Peace, you whispered to me
Tears leak from my eyes and stream
You took me in your infinite arms

I sink into your solace
I dwell in your calming embrace
You speak of tenderness and grace
Grace be on me, you said

You are never gone
Even when it feels like you are
It’s a matter of my perception
And when I open up my awareness
You are there
And I feel peace
And I feel love

Remind me that you are always here
That your eyes watch over me
That your wings cover and protect me
That your arms embrace me in comfort
© 2015 Valerie Hathaway

Wonder Child

What is it that you wonder in joy?

Is it the brownness of the fallen leaf,

The splash of a puddle as water lands on your boots?

Is it the snowflake that gently alights on your tongue,

The velvet petals of a scented flower in bloom?


What is it that delights your senses?

The coldness of an ice cream cone on a hot day,

The warmth of hot chocolate in wintertime?

The softness of an old sweater,

The beautiful scent of your mother’s perfume?


Full of play and adventure,

You complete all that is around you.

With no fear or remorse or regret

You storm through your world with glee.

You hold your head high

And laugh with the peal of ringing bells.


Let no one take these moments from you,

Child of wonder, child of play.

There will be time soon enough

When the joy will slip away.


© 2015 Valerie Hathaway