Holiday 2015

Excitement and joy flood my blood

While holiday music fills my ears

I will not be in pain and fear this year

My abusers will not still my spirit

I am happy at heart


Too many winters I’ve hovered in despair

Too many days where I sank in sadness

I’m not going to slide into the pit of the past

Not this time, not now


My tree is covered in shiny symbols of love

Of peace, of comfort, of home

The boughs are held in lights and merriment

A luscious greeting to the end of the year


My house is decorated in garland and bows

Green and silver grace the walls

Relief when the lights twinkle and sparkle

Warm softness and quiet repose

Waiting with hot chocolate and falling snow


Cheer fills my soul this year

I am uplifted and transformed

I’m not wallowing in terror and sorrow

I grasp the mood of the season

And hold it close to my heart

I smile and stay in the moment


Happy holidays

Peace and wonder be with you and with me

© 2015 Valerie Hathaway

Waiting For Winter

Essence of autumn leaves

Falling. falling

Slip through wrinkled fingers

Onto slick, wet grass


Sun struggles to be bright

And is yet frailer

Overwhelmed with clouds

And shadowy rain


The leaves are now scattered

Ripe berries left for bird’s beaks

Branches drowsy for sleep

Until next spring


Boots and sweaters

Abound in this weather

Looking for something warm

In a paper cup


Waiting for the snow

Waiting for the frost

Waiting for the cold

Waiting for winter


© 2015 Valerie Hathaway