Depression II

My eyes are too tired for tears

The weight is pressing down

Upon my shoulders

I’m sinking into the quicksand

Of silent despair

Help me, do something

Don’t let me drown in this pool

My life has clouded over

There is only gray ghosts

And sad shadows

I’m in the darkness with no light

Not even a glimmer of hope

The pain grasps at my chest

It hurts to even feel anything

I whimper and try to breathe

Why I befell this misfortune

Is parts me and not me

So many things have happened

And I let them consume me

Everything keeps sinking down, down

A slow slide into depression

Painful screws twist into my psyche

And I finally cry in desperation

Sometimes there is a miracle

But most times it’s a plea for mercy

Things have to be rearranged

For my brain to stop dropping

And I finally receive grace

To put one step forward again

©2015 Valerie Hathaway

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