Wandering Years

In my wandering years

I asked for wisdom

And it took me through tangled woods

Cold streams and mountains

City traffic and rude drivers

Fears of war and fears realized

Pains of childbirth and growing up

Deserts of loneliness

And canyons of solitude

Many years of searching

Many years of wondering

What was wrong with me

Rooms of analysis and pills

Days of not being able to breathe

And through all this I learned

That I knew so much and yet

There was so much I didn’t know

And I still needed to learn more

Because things changed all the time

And my wisdom needed revisions

And updates and addendum

Or sometimes a rewrite

But I still follow twisting paths

Looking for the next experience

To add to my treasure chest

That makes up my soul


©2014 Valerie Hathaway

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