Valentine’s Day

My love

Enveloped in crystal and romance

Tell me again those special secrets

Further into the depths of your affection

Cast away those stones of doubt

Color me in lights of your delight


My love

You know me more than anyone alive

You’ve seen me as both strong and frail

You’ve walked with me through caves of despair

And still you’ve given me diamonds of hope


My love

Not for a day do you spend your endearment

But every day your heart stands with mine

We come together, close with our souls entwined

Beating the winter storms with promises of spring


My love

I love you fiercely and with tenderness

I cradle your pain with wise hands

I nurture you like the ground holding a seed

I tend to your heart awaiting its continual debut

I step inside your love and nestle next to your soul


And I still love you


© 2015 Valerie Hathaway

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