I am waiting to


I wait, inhaling and exhaling,
Listening intently to the monologue
Of someone droning about themselves
And how their lives are wonderful
And how everything is working for them.

I want to say something important;
I want to give encouragement.
I want to give thought to what I want to say,
To make it all worthwhile.
I want to


I inhale
And someone else jumps in,
Making a big splash into the conversation.
I sigh slightly
As I listen to the chatter,
A mute participant because I was taught
It would be rude to butt in and interrupt
Just to


The dialogue ends and
I ready myself


But another cuts in front of me
Like the kid who takes the last cookie
In the lunch line.
I feel weary of this
And my mind wanders during the bantering.
I find other things to do
While I listen because I’m tired of waiting to


Then it’s done; it’s all over and I haven’t said a word.
So I turn to keyboard and write the words down,
Where I won’t be interrupted,
Where I won’t be talked over,
Where I won’t be drowned out.
Where in quiet desperation and hope
Someone would give me the chance to hear me


© 2013 Valerie Hathaway

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