Ready to Fly

Oh she knew she could fly

Fly far, far away

Fly and never be heard from

Or be heard of

It was her innate desire

For freedom from the obligations

That others weighed down on her

Freedom was the taste on her lips

And the sparkle in her eyes

If she could still do the things

Where she was she would

But she could not

Not with all the noise

And daily distractions

The daily disturbances

That was her life

She yearned, pined for freedom

She begged for it to come to her

But she had to come to it instead

She had to fly there

And she was ready

Oh God, was she ready

So tired of the way the world was

So tired of the lack of gratitiude

So tired of the boredom, day in and day out

She gathered her things

She flapped her wings

And off into the dawn she flew away


© 2015 Valerie Hathaway

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