Quiet Time

This is as quiet as she has ever been

Asleep and not restless

The chatter silenced from her lips

Her eyes closed and away from the world

Emerald not sparkling but hidden

Her chest slowing, heaving back and forth


My child who has been through so much

Who has experienced pain and love

Full of skepticism and wonder

From playful imp to jaded young woman


Will you forgive me for not being enough?

Will you carry on the hard lessons fought and lost?

Will you stir from your slumber in anger and curse my name?


Still so little and yet so grown

You have many more roads to travel

You have many worlds left to conquer

When you let go of my hand

And stumble, fall, and cry

I will be there to gently pick you up

And carry you home

For that is a mother’s promise

Even when you are wise of this battle of life

There are many unknown things

That I remember


Just rest, sweetheart

And I will watch over you

No harm will touch your crown

And peace will calm your troubled mind


©2014 Valerie Hathaway

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