Promises of Spring

Tightly bunched leaves

Unsure if winter has left

Feeling the sap pulse in their veins

Waiting for the moment to unfurl


Glistening snow melts

To reveal brown grass

Not ready yet for its green leaves

But the roots preparing their entrance


Red-wing blackbirds return

Looking for that last bit of seed

Left over from last autumn

Until new seeds come forward


Daffodils push up from the ground

And bloom for the arrival of bees

Shaking off their dormant slumber

Warming up to the lingering sunshine


Rabbits arise from their warrens

Searching for tidbits and tempting wares

Scampering from feral cats

And joggers on the trails


The wheels of cyclists spin again

Down the trails not yet cleared of ice

But wet with melted snow

And shining with hope of completion


Children run out in the streets

Free from their encampment in the houses

Laughing and squealing gaily

As they call to their playmates


People come out to warm their faces

Pale from lack of sun they journey

Out into the open looking

For promises of spring


© 2015 Valerie Hathaway

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