A fickle and wondrous bird
Fluttering close yet out of reach
Singing of vast riches and tender moments

A stirring sonata of hope and chance and glory
Nestled in dreams and fleeting glances

Perched on a branch of uncertainty
Do I dare reach for it or will I fall?

Many years of elusive and furtive pursuit
Entailed until I stopped
And listened to the rhythm of my heart
Finding a faint murmur of a song

And the music stirred and rumbled inside me
Until I started humming then singing
My own tune, my own words
Falling like graceful notes lifted into the air

The bird called love listened and crooned
The answer was within my own spirit and soul
When I followed the beat of my passion
Love flew to my shoulder and rested there

©2014 Valerie Hathaway

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