Looking Glass

My mind is like a looking glass

It reflects what is all around me

And it doesn’t like what it sees

The suffering and the arrogance

The power plays and the violence


Yet there is kindness and grace

Often in the little things

The mirror shifts and softens

With its lens on the views

Of laughter and gentleness

Until the hardness returns again


At times it feels like it will shatter

And it wants to hide away

Into the darkness, into the safety

Until its vision can be restored


There can be times when it’s too bright

When the harshness is too focused

And the mirror retreats into shelter

When there is soothing calmness

And it can be calibrated to view


The looking glass stares into the mirror

It sees a reflection of itself

It is what it is

And it is all it can be

Whatever it sees is its own reality

But it can’t make up its mind

As to what to call it

If there is to be a label to it

Is it too narcissistic

Too shallow, too vain

Or is it introspection


Of its own soul

The mind sighs and turns away

Back into the world

Back into everything

But itself

© 2015 Valerie Hathaway

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