Childhood Battlefield

Mommy’s fighting her own demons

Daddy’s upset and now he’s screaming

Innocence lost and pain to yield

Childhood shouldn’t be a battlefield


I hide in my small bed

From the shouting in the next room

Something breaks instead

A chair has met an early doom

Why do they fight

Where anyone can listen

And I know it’s not right

But my fears, they just dismiss them


We’re then chastised for

The temper and quiet fury

That we didn’t ask for

Our heads the hatchet will bury

Make us choose sides

Based on gender and of age

Poor unknowing pawns

In a winless match of adult rage


They say how could we know

We’re so clumsy and unkempt

Our worth cannot be grown

Under a bloodbath of parent’s contempt

They say it’s our turn now

But we’re frightened to even speak

Secrecy locked in, no tears

Beaten for showing we’re so weak


This all has now come down

To one child wild and one closed in

Parents now underground

But the children still have the sin

We know those angry words

We carry them deep inside

And nothing, oh no nothing now

Can fill the voids we try to hide


We’re left to fight own worst demons

Inside our heads the voice is screaming

We are now lost and it’s concealed

Childhood shouldn’t be a battlefield


© 2015 Valerie Hathaway

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