Autumn Blues

I’m falling like a leaf
Onto the hard autumn ground
Spirits start to splinter and come apart
Winds of despair fill my soul chambers
I kneel and mourn for the loss of warmth
I wrap myself in quilts and sadness
Waiting for the inevitable hope of spring

Why must sorrow fill my moments with poison
Why the ache, the heaviness, the slumber
I try to lose my grief in sleep but it isn’t enough
I squint to see the beauty of the colorful leaves
But my eyes well with tears of the oncoming death

There is no pain, but only slumber and rebirth
I shake my weary bones off of the sofa
And trundle into the brisk cool light
Changing my view to the harvest, the cornucopia
The bounty of summer to be stored for the winter
An abundance of riches to give light to the approaching dark

Rest easy, dear spirit of Nature
Your work is done for another year
We shiver and complain but the seasons are short
Nothing lasts forever, and forever you always return

©2014 Valerie Hathaway

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