Angel Prayer

Ever bright


Cast your luminescence around

The hardened flint ground

Swirl your shimmering robes

Upon the tinder grasses

Gaze your piercing eyes

Through the sleeping souls of beasts


Clutching plenty in your golden fists

Disperse your seeds into the rugged rocks

Letting them cling to the rifts of soil

Sprouting the flowers of light

Into glorious spring


Release your breath to the solemn clouds

Bringing drops to quench the thirst of the ground

Tiny prisms of life into the pores of inert being

Seeking shelter under your radiant cloak

Caress each one with your gentle care

Brilliant flora to luscious fruit

Suckling young to swift foot adult

It all bodes well under your brilliant dispensation


May it be, and may all be well


© 2015 Valerie Hathaway

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