Where do you go, little one

When you bow your head

Cradle your face in your hands

No hiding the feelings that you feel

When it’s all over and ended

You tearfully believe you’ve lost

But the curtains fly through the window

A new world has begun

Do you hear the distant thunder?

It’s controlled chaos in the making

A balance of science and circumstance

Waiting to explode upon the earth

The wind is now your friend

Put your face into the raindrops

Let the storm rage through your soul

Amanda, see how you’re growing

Another piece of innocence gone

Not to be retrieved

But experience lines your being

And now you are laughing

You’re no longer a slave

Your pieces have returned

And wise, you rush through the puddles

Playing like a child again

The rocks are now your companions

The grass a carpet for bare feet

Even the angry sky seems benevolent

Amanda, welcome home to you

© 2015 Valerie Hathaway

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